Champion Chat

Today we refresh on how to deal with the challenges we face in life.  Everything from taking a test to facing a situation  we feel inadequate for.  Fear is a formidable foe but is only guaranteed a victory if we do not resist.   Remember defeat needs only our surrender to win.  When we decide to do it afraid or confront our  fears we are already winning because we decided not to lose by default.  The heart of a champion is fixed trusting in the Lord is one of my favorite quotes.  If the buck stops with you it is a scary place to be.  When we have friends in heavenly places we do not trust in our own ability we tap into supernatural resources.  One of the names of God is El- Gibbor which means Champion God.  When we function as our own god we can do some shady things to keep the advantage.  It can become hard to do what is right, just because it is right, especially in a world as compromised as ours.  We feel at a disadvantage for not lying, cheating, or compromising to stay in the game.   The problem is we all suffer for all the willingness to do what ever it takes.  We are all on the verge of a total melt down as we forfeit truth for alternatives.  Alternative families are gangs, alternative life styles are self-made prisons that rage against the only way out.  All efforts to remain independent of God and His wisdom makes us vulnerable.  All lies that bind us to personal truths that hurt and harm in ways we do not immediately see or understand.   What does that mean to you?  I invite dialogue.

Lies Chat

We all have to make decisions about the messages we are receiving from the multiple sources in our lives.   What employers, employees, family, friends, government,  news, TV,  public opinion have to say about what we are all living with in our lives today.  The whole world is out of control and so many different plans to fix it but why?  How is it so many feel equal to the task of ruling the world and or governing the masses.  We do not need more laws to see justice we need to live within the parameters of the ones we already have.  We  have too many ideas and laws people feel will correct disorder but they simply propagate injustice.  Laws were never meant to enforce the will of anyone person or group on another.  These new laws do not fix a problem but  unleash a storm of new problems.  We have a lot of good ideas to fix things but it is a lie.  Since we did not obey, embrace, or agree with the ones God made why do we expect them to  succeed.   I  invite my readers to comment and present their ideas  along with why they are sure they will help.  I will take no credit just publish and give opportunity for feed back.   I want to provide a forum to discuss human wisdom in light of the wisdom of God.  What we need now is a word from God to help us get back on track.  There is no person, political party, group, or organization that can  fix the mess we are in.  Our prideful independence is why we find ourselves where we are.  Only our humble repentance and surrender to God is going to get us out of this one.    Please join us in prayer to call on the name of the Lord for He promises that those who call on His name shall be saved.  The name is Jesus.  He really is the answer to it all.  He really does love and care about us all  and He is unbiased and interested in what is best for all.  Love is not selfish or controlling and much of our agendas are self-motivated.  We need help from someone who knows all and is capable of doing the impossible.  We are all in miracle territory now and only God knows best in this realm.

New Day Dawning

Sorry for the long break.  This has been an intense season of warfare and intrigue.  There really is a cost to speaking wisdom to the masses but I know it is worth it.  I hope to restore daily chats.  I invite my readers to purchase the books that the titles of this blog highlight.  Readers ask for ebooks and longer articles a lot and I was in the process of that when I went on an extended break for health and distraction issues.  The Lies That Steal Life,”  Heart of the Champion. and Son of God son of Man books are a discipleship series on how to identify and get the victory over lies, weaknesses and wrong agreement and perspectives.   It is hard to over throw what we agree to so we have to get a new perspective to get a new result.  I recommend the books because they are life changing and helpful to get new knowledge that results in better choices.  The bible is my book of choice because it is where I got a better understanding of God.  If we believe in Him or not He IS and will help when we choose to invite Him and commit to believe until we see and understand Him better.    I was personally physically, emotionally, and spiritually sick and suicidal with no hope that God would be interested in helping me since I was my biggest problem.  I learned of His love, mercy,  power and willingness to help those who feel underserving.  I want to share it with a world full of people who need the kind of help that only He can give.  It is hard to get a better result when you cannot believe for it and it is impossible to get out of God size trouble without God.  The good news is you can change your mind and make a better choice that will allow you to recover and forge ahead.  If you are willing to reconsider your truth  to get to know the Truth.  Proceed to why Jesus to see what the bible tells us about it.

Journal Journey

I know, I know, it has been awhile but had a lot going on.  The good news is no matter how much negative things tried to keep my attention I was able to do some good.   I hope to publish another book in the nest 30 days.  Then I will finish my daily devotional of spiritual wisdom.   America and the world is in for some trying times in the days ahead and a good grip on truth and a personal relationship with God will be critical.  We are about to find out that we are not in charge or control and are incapable of ruling the world without the help and wisdom of God.  We believe the lie that  human wisdom, science, politics, governments,or money and power can buy, control or fix  anything.  We have made a mess of a lot of things because that is what we do without the help of God.  Those who believe God is the problem would say, “since He is able to help why does He choose not to?”  The answer is we choose not to believe, invite, or ask Him.   God intervenes when we give Him legal access  when we ask and believe He will help,  He made this rule to  grant free will and allow us to govern His earthly resources.  We decided our way was best, our wisdom infallible, and lost track of the true need of a creation for it”s Creator.  We are a people who are learning the hard way that we are not wise or loving enough to rule things.  Children need parents both of them and we make better people when we do things the way God advises.  Father knows best is truth, in the case of God, if we like it or embrace it or not.  The breakdown of the traditional family is why we live  in the world we live  today.   Alternative families where we get to do as we please, sleep with who we please, discard who we please is far from utopia. We the human race are all sick from the  lack of love, commitment or power over the things we create as a result of self will.  My prayer is for all to get in touch with God to ride out the difficult days ahead, in Jesus name.  Things are spiraling out of control and our control is NOT the way to correct it.  Our  control, wants, and choices finds us in need of Divine intervention to bring order out of chaos.  Join with me to pray for this great nation because God is our only hope and  way out of this mess and into His wisdom and will.