New Day Dawning

There is no greater love than to lay down your life for another.  Jesus went above that because He laid down His life for people who did not appreciate it or honor Him for it.  It is still true today. A world full of undeserving ungrateful people have the opportunity to cash in on His great sacrifice.  His sinless life for our sinful lives just for the asking.  The good news is God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so that who ever believe it can have everlasting life.   The package includes forgiveness of sin, eternal life with God, escape from hell, and help here on earth for the asking.  Contrary to popular belief the condition of our world and the people is not because God does not exist or care.  It is because people without God are a danger to themselves and others.  The anniversary of the passion of the Christ is upon us .  Those who have accepted His invitation remember His gift of life at the cost of His own.  Take this  opportunity to get to know God personally instead of making an uninformed choice about someone you have never met.  It is hard to trust someone you don’t know. God really  is a love worth finding so accept this invitation to dare to invite Him to reveal Himself to  you.  Consider the beautiful wonders of the earth.  A sunrise or sunset, a starry night, a documentary about nature, water falls, mountains, ocean life just anything that reminds us there is something greater out there.  Just take a moment and ask the Creator of these wonders to help you get to now Him,  He wants you to get to know Him so you can discover the love you so desperately want to experience.  It is a sad thing to have access to such a love and never experience it.  Chose to settle the God thing this holiday season and secure your eternity once and for all.  No one has to wonder if they are going to heaven  just ask the only One who gives access to confirm your reservation and be done with it.  See why Jesus to see what the bible says about it.