Journal Journey

Still combatting the spam game.  Hope for a breakthrough soon.  I dislike negative emotions and spam is trying to make me quit.  I will not but I sure do pray you will.  There are more important things in my life and others than your sales agenda.  FREE, free, free eternal life through Christ Jesus.  Make heaven your home today see why Jesus page for how,  see transformed life page for a personal testimony.


Champion Chats

The Heart of a champion is fixed, focused, dedicated, unmotivated by the odds or the appearances of things.  We must learn to talk back to the voices that try to tell us we will not or cannot win.  Never agree with those who limit you to what they think they know about you, not even you.  Major in a positive attitude from a healthy source.  When we are our only source it is hard to overcome limits.  There are NO limits in God.

Journey Journal

I am new to the web blog and public sharing arena.  I came almost reluctantly , not sure of what to expect.  I want my life to count and I know the information I share is life transforming and has eternal value.  This is a shout out to those who are only interested in what any and everyone can do for them.   Times are hard but no amount of rude, intrusive, selfish, or desperate behavior will help as much as taking advantage of what I am sharing.  The books are inexpensive and life changing to prepare you for what happens next.  The gospel is priceless good news  with eternal value, free for the asking,  for all who will believe.  Please stop blowing up my site with  sales pitches and product reviews.  What I offer is what will count in every life for the days ahead it is an important work .  Be blessed for the choice to receive rather than take.   It takes my time, disregards my choice and agenda, at my expense.  I want to spend my money and time to offer good news and wise counsel to my readers.  Thanks for your cooperation with the vision.  You will be blessed and increased for the choice to agree far more than you  can imagine.  I challenge you to stop and see if your sales increase  give me a shout about the results of your accepting the challenge.   The Prophet

Journey Journel

I have learned that I need wisdom greater than mine.  I do not trust me to do well because I want it real bad, tried many times and failed.  There is just too much I do not know.  Many people think there is no need for God and that is because they have yet to experience life in communion with Him.

Journey Journal

Ever have nothing but good intentions and everything goes wrong? Has fear and anger hit you with a one two punch from hell? Need some help to process emotional stress?  Sounds like a job for Jesus, the bible says those who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.   Go read the Why Jesus page,  pray the prayers seriously from your heart and watch what happens.

Lies Chat

Let’s talk secrets. There is a quote in the lies book that says, “lies do not protect victims they protect villains.” Usually the liar employs  the secret that protects the victim from escape. The one hidden in lies and secrets must protect from exposure. Remember when the light of truth comes there is  healing and  freedom from fear of exposure too.  Once the secret is out the healing begins for both victims, liar and lied to. The light of truth restores life and liberty to both.

Champion Chat

What message is your problem speaking to you? If you give in to this  message what will that mean to you?  Giants always appear too everything, too big,  too hard, too long, too strong, for you to win.  That is why it is so important to have Friends in high places.The heart of a champion is not fixed on the size or severity of the problem nor their own ability. Their focus is the faithfulness, integrity, and power of God. If you need a help go to the why Jesus tab.

Journal Journey

This is in response to the reader who ask, ” if I have anything positive .”  Everyday you wake is an opportunity to celebrate what is good and right while you take the power out of what is not.  It is called praise in the Christian world where one is able to trust in God; the hope in all and power over all.  If you  need some one wiser, more powerful, patient and loving.   Go to the why Jesus page to get some help for the days ahead.