New Day Dawning

Wow there’s a lot going on in our world.  Like a woman in labor the contractions get closer and the pains keep coming.  It is time to prepare for what comes after this.  Many do not believe in God but  believe heaven exits.  Tomorrow is not promised and the storms of life are raging out of control.  Thousands of people die daily with less confidence in life as we know it.  People tend to major in things that have no guarantees or lack value.  Unfortunately opinions  vary and often don’t  matter.  It amazes me the important decision we make based on  feelings and agreement with other people.   Concepts like fading into nothingness or return in other forms until we get it right may be appealing but truth?  We need trust worthy insight and wisdom to make important  decisions.  We can start with actually caring about the important things.   How about we answer some important questions.  Exactly what does happen next?  Is there life after death? Is there a guaranteed way to make heaven your home after death on earth?  Does God have the answers that we do not have?  Give me a shout out with your answers or questions we so can start a dialogue of something actually important to discuss.