New Day Dawning

What a time, what a world, what a challenge to identify truth to align with it and promote the change we need. There is too much anger, division and disrespect for us to unit for the greater good. Why? Too many dedicated to overthrow the American vote to promote personal agendas that have nothing to do with a better America. It bothers me that so much obvious organized and persistent activity to overthrow the American president has not been labeled treason yet. No proof, apology, or retreat something is really wrong. An agreement between Israel and others not deemed news worthy. Check the stats of this president despite the constant opposition many things changed for the better until covid 19 again not at the top of the news. What is this focus on what we hate about the president. Why is it so OK to work hard against an elected official. Why with so much evidence that he has helped this nation it is not reported but deliberately ignored. That kind of bias and opposition smells of money and power agendas not interest in truth are the recovery of America, The efforts to war against lawful authority for personal agendas in a matter that God Himself governs. Be- aware: God sees, knows, cares and can do something about it all, Repent the kingdom of God is at hand. God will intervene expose and vindicate.