Life After Death

A broad subject with many beliefs about what happens after death.  This is an opportunity to explore the concept together with some specific focus.  1.  The life of a mother after the death of an unborn.  The intent is to track the lives of those who were told it was only a blob to identify some of the common side effects and offer support and recovery.  2.  Confront the lie behind the concept that death will end some earthly torment without considering what happens next.  Death is not the end but the beginning of a new chapter.  People are spirit beings who will exist for eternity in heaven or hell.  It is imperative we make arrangements to secure our destination  before life on earth ends.   3.  Confront the concept of just believe that implies what ever I believe with all my heart is true.  You must first identify and agree with truth in order to benefit by it.  Many believe lies and it will never result in being truth.  The truth you know makes you free not just anything you dare to believe.   Please comment.  See why Jesus tab for biblical insight.

Book Chats

Coming soon, “Jesus the Chief Intercessor” the revelation that, the workbook, “Prayer Communion with God to Birth the Will of God,”  is partner to.  It is time we distinguish between mantras, prayer beads, and rituals to prayer as a means to determine the wisdom of God for our life challenges.

Journey Journal

Share with us your most important choice and what you will consider to make the best decision you can.  Do you know you can get help from God on the matter?  Have you asked Him before you rush in desperately?  I agree with you to hear from God on the matter.

New Day Dawning

Went to Desperate for Jesus conference for women at OCBF this weekend. Awesome. It is always wonderful to be among people on fire for God. All the speakers spoke on faith all were anointed, excellent, and relevant. My personal word from the Lord was, “faith is not just a tool to get what you want but the the force that sustains you in the wait.” My share with you is: do not struggle for the things you have entrusted to God, fight the good fight of faith. Trust allows us to enter the rest of God it removes the struggle and stress while the words of God silence the warfare in your mind. Declare your confidence despite all you see or feel until your enemy must retreat and leave.  Be too convinced of the truth to agree with or entertain  lies.  They do not have the power to hurt you unless you agree with them.