New Day Dawning

Hello out there.  It has been special to say the least wow our world is so in need of divine assistance.  As we have lost our moral compass we have lost access to a safe and secure way.  We are now reaping the whirlwind of do your own thing.  The bible tells about a time in history when every man did what was right in his own sight.  We are in that condition today and we think the plans and agendas of other people will help us collectively.  No one has a magic potion or a good enough plan to fix the mess we are in.  The very idea that law suits, protest in the street, murder, mayhem, and organized chaos is a remedy for anything is a delusion.  We are so, “like me follow me,”  drunk we all want to lead if we are going somewhere good or not.  The ability to inspire to follow does not mean a good leader.  Where are you going and why do you believe it is a good idea for everyone.  An internet sensation does not make a wise choice for inspiration or direction.  We are all amazing wonders of God but only when we are lead by Him are we capable of  good leadership to get to the right place in the right way.  Confidence in any person is usually an invitation to disappointment.  For one reason, we are all imperfect.  Education, confidence, not even money making ability is a guarantee to success or satisfaction.  Only God satisfies, knows the end at the beginning, and can get us to the place we want to be now and for eternity.    Get right so you are not left behind  when what happens next comes.  We are all in for some trying days ahead but with God all things are possible.  We are certainly in miracle territory so connect to the Miracle Worker to get the results you need.  Jesus is the open door to every good and perfect gift from God and now is the time to connect.  Tomorrow is not promised and there is no other way.   See Why Jesus