New Day Dawning

Sorry guys going through a lot of transition and my main computer is out of commission but life goes on.  I am so sorry I missed sharing during the Resurrection Season.  There is so much the masses do not realize about this great celebration of new life.   Many people just do the easter eggs, bunny rabbit, candy and family gathering version.   Not a thing wrong with it.  I like giving the details about the amazing gifts God gives to us because too many do not know and do not benefit from them.

A lot of people have heard of Jesus and many saw the Passion of Christ and had varying opinions.  I hear all the time from people who do not understand.  What kind of weak god would die for people who do not even respect Him.  They would rather a warrior vengeful deity that would make things obey.  This is true of many gods that men choose to align themselves with.  Entities that demand rituals, allegiance, obedience to ordinances and organizations that govern with  fear and control.  Many who do not personally know God think it is true of the christian God too.  It is at the core all about love and forgiveness which includes  so much more than laws, rules, and  edicts.

It is a way of life that that allows God to provide, protect, and preserve those who align with Him.  That is the reason I dedicate my life to unveiling truth.  It is not good to make decisions about things we do not know  without some unbiased insight,  Who would suffer such a cruel and public ordeal that ended in death if it were not necessary or critically important?  What would be the motivation?  Just as important who would reject such and obvious act of love?  The bible says,  “no greater love than a man would lay down his life for another.”  What kind of love would do it for those who obviously do not love Him back?  What dos He know that we do not know?  Most do not know Him at all but make determinations that make light of His great sacrifice of love.   I issue another invitation to get to know Him for yourself it would be the best decision you ever made.  See Why Jesus.