New Day Dawning

Any new day is another opportunity to get things done God’s way.  We forget the very fact that we woke up in the land of the living is the evidence of grace and mercy from a good, kind and patient God who cares about us.  The bible says he lets the sun shine on the just and the unjust.  He wants none to perish and all to come into a saving knowledge of Him.   If anyone is following I need a  shout out from anyone who has found this information about God helpful.  I get hundreds of uninvited messages from people who are out to sale something our bind people to things that will hurt them.  They all want  something from us.  God wants something for us.  He does not bind He liberates.  He does not victimize He is the source of victory.  He does not take He gives and He invites us into a  life that resist death promoting agents.  I set this site up to reach anyone who wants  to know more about God.  If you buy my books or not the blog site is to offer free info about my amazing God who is the answer to every human need,  See Why Jesus and  Transformed Life.  Follow me  into an exciting journey into the things of God.