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Welcome visitors hope you join me in a journey to new life.   I am a mother, an author, a Vietnam era veteran,  minister,  and prophet to the nations.   After a lifetime of neglect, abuse, despair, depression and self-hate I decided to give what was left of my life to God.  He was my only hope after a lifetime of ungodly counsel.  Finally, I choose God as my spiritual guide into truth, to navigate the seasons and the storms of life,  I had spent many years blind to the impact of an unguarded spiritual existence.  God has blessed me to journal my way back from the pit of despair, where sorrow, guilt, pain, and shame kept me tied to the death of my children, and self-hate consumed me.  I share my personal experiences  to tell my eye witness account of His great love, mercy,  and power.  Most of my life was spent in agreement with lies told and supported by those who were themselves deceived.  It was God who brought me from total despondency into  His purpose,  a minister and mentor of others that struggle with life after trauma and death.  After years of seeing God transform lives in churches, on the streets, and in prisons, I am an  advocate for human transformation.   The  books on this site were birth out of the process from pain to recovery. Lies That Steal Life,” the anatomy of lies that blind, bind, and cause victims to self-destruct. “Son of God son of Man: The Unveiling of the Sons of God“.  A look at spiritual, natural, and religious activities that conceal identity, and thwart the maturity of the children of God. The Heart of A Champion: Mindsets and attitudes that result in successful spiritual warfare.   Recently, Jesus the Way of the Intercessor:  An end time approach to prayer to get the results of Jesus.

Affectionately called Mother Gloria, on assignment from God to release the sons of God to display His kingdom and His power.  These books help us identify and challenge opposition to new life and victorious living.    With so many religions and so much religious activity it is often difficult to discern truth.  Jesus is the way the truth, and the light;  no one gets to the Father accept through  Him, John 14: 6.   This site is dedicated to allow dialogue on those challenges we face with the word of God as the source of godly counsel.

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  1. How can we be sure with so many paths? God is not a religion He is a person who invites you to get to know Him for yourself.
    Much like any relationship the better you know someone the easier to relate or trust. Approach God like a child would a loving father and ask your questions a see what happens.

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