Journal Journey

Like the four seasons of a year life has cycles of change and challenges.  Fair weather or storms life goes on.   To enjoy smooth sailing the right focus and priorities are most valuable.  If stuff, things, wants, and feelings determine your joy and peace any storm or threat can leave you off balance or wounded.   Life is our most valuable commodity and time a close second.  All life is  of great value no matter the season, age, gender, culture or financial status.  Spend life and time like your most valuable assets.  Don’t waste them or treat them as worthless and do no allow anyone else to.  We are all important and valuable if we know it or not, God says so.  He  thought we were important enough to send His Son Jesus to make away for us to  spend eternity with Him.  See why Jesus.

Lies Chat

Our world seems so hard to navigate these days.  It feels like nothing is trust worthy.  I mean even water and food is questionable.  We so need a return to truth as  an option.  Truth in lending, speaking, marketing, spending.  How about truth on the job, in the home, to our children.   One would think truth illegal or a disadvantage the way we choose lies as the default choice.   I’m about to start  my second installment of, “Lies That Steal Life” and I am looking for those who have  read the first book and would like to share a testimony or comment.   The second bo0k will update some of the original material and expand on some to bring us to where we all are now .  In need of Truth to get us to a better place.  Come join with me in a journey to identify and embrace Truth.

New Day Dawning

Thanks for all the encouragement.  To answer some of the questions and respond to my readers.  Much of what I say is from a biblical rather than any other world view.  That is because after much study of the alternatives Love is what we all need.  The world is having a lot of all kinds of sex but millions are dying for the need of love. God is love and His way is the way that works if we learn of it and align with it.

To the suggestion that I chose Jesus because it  was the best I could do at the time.  The suggestion was to consider self -acceptance rather than a destructive course of action.  Jesus is not destructive but healing; a course of both enlightenment and recovery.  Self- acceptance on the other hand has a tendency to imply this is as good as it gets and that’s Ok with me.  The human experience does not lean in that direction.  For instance I would never grow up or would just agree with being a rapist or child abuser.  Self-acceptance must leave room for self-assessment and a desire to be the best  you can be.  Jesus is my ability to do just that.  Thanks for the feed back and keep coming back.

If you have not found  the books on this site I invite you to  go deeper into true spiritual enlightenment.  I will be starting  classes and a question and answer forum to gather material for my next,  “Lies that Steal Life,” installment.   I will site and give credit for any material I use but there will be no monetary compensation.  You can also request in writing that I do not share your material and I will honor your request.  There will be a prize for the best testimony and we will publish it for all our readers and participants.  All are invited to this next phase of interaction.  Talk to you soon.  Hopeful for your comments and feedback.

Please do not use this blog sight for your off topic sales agendas.  This blog is not to promote sales but to transform lives.  Thanks.