New Day Dawning

We are in seriously challenging times. Nothing is as it appears and the answers of people without the direction of God has brought us all to this time and place. The bible talks about the importance of stable foundations. Houses built on sand will crumble and fall while those built on a rock are more likely to stand when storms come. Lies are an unstable refuge they will falter and fail because deception only prevails until Truth comes. Many spend a lifetime in dark and haunted places ruled and manipulated by lies that rule by fear and bondage. Those who tell them as bound as their victims. We are in a season where all can be free by the power of Truth. Take this opportunity to choose life, Truth, a fresh start, and a new beginning. Possible only by asking Jesus to save you from the power of lies and deception. See Why Jesus Take a moment to read the cover of my book, “Lies That Steal Life”