New Day Dawning

Wow! we are indeed living in perilous times. Everyone doing what is right in their own sight ruled by personal agendas. True democracy is about the needs of the many more important than the few and leaders serve not control and bully. I can be silent no more in the name of Jesus I release the light of Truth to turn on the light to dispel the blindness. I have watched incredulous as a world power is publicly shamed by those who will go to any length to control her but obviously do not love her. America needs an intervention. No party, gender, sexual preference, economic status, or religious bias or personal agenda involved. Just a true patriot weeping over a lot of angry and desperate people fighting for control of a nation they are not fit to rule. Too biased, angry, power drunk, ruled by the debts they owe and promises they made to gain, sustain and remain in power literally at the expense of the citizens. Stand down, step down, stop it, repent so God can get you out of this mess. I am a prophetic intercessor who continues to pray for my nation. I wept while the nations leaders behave as unruly children who shame us before our enemies while the whole world watches. Worse than public humiliation and embarrassment is those who want to lead a world power would stoop to pettiness and lunacy. The nation shut down and many citizens work without pay for months to force the hand of an elected official. Most do not know that they are exempt from these tactics. Get rid of Trump at all cost the only agenda resist or undo anything he asserts. Not a better plan just dedicated resistance. The arrogant and proud assurance despite such poor behavior is more than shocking it’s appalling. Never thought I would live long enough to see news worthy reporting exchanged for deliberate and unapologetic bias, deception and presentation to promote personal agendas I pray it was not tax payer dollars that funds this nightmare. Anger, rage ,violent lawlessness, lies, deceit, theft, not in a movie, but reality TV. I kept thinking they are like mindless zombies under a spell. The behavior is so sporadic and insane how can they believe this is OK and how are so many in agreement. The public at large is infected as strife, division, greed and bullying become the tools of the day. If you were sure I was pointing at our president please take time to review his accomplishment for yourself. Too bad it is not common knowledge the things he has done to make America great again, Despite constant opposition all the way. There was a time when the constant organized tactics against the president of the US would be considered treason. I marvel it has not been mentioned once. Go look it up. Recently, I was reminded of my gift to help people see what they do not see. The anointing specializes in opening blinded eyes. I cannot complain or condemn if I haven’t did all I can to help. More than praying, crying, and decreeing but I had share what I see to engage in a more direct way. Sorry it took me so long. See in the name of Jesus, Be healed in the name of Jesus. Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. God has provided a way of escape . See whyJesus.