New Day Dawning

Looks like Halloween may get rained out where I am.  Alright with me since I am not one of the people that thinks fear is funny or fun.  So no tricks or treats be safe.  Thanksgiving came and went since I drafted this post and the shopping frenzy has begun.  We really do have much to be thankful for and celebrate despite the many challenges of the day.  Imagine being one of those still without lights and all their stuff gone.  Life is still a gift and an opportunity to live it better now.  Feelings and emotions can hold us hostage to pain and misery.  Freedom from the bondage of emotional pain is a choice that begins with a change of  mind.  It is not stuff and things that are irreplaceable but life.  Time to live it to the full and not let loss or presumed failure rain on your today and infect your future.  The future is not promised is the lesson we all learn when we get unexpected lessons from close encounters with death and the reality that we are not prepared for what is next.   To build a tomorrow  free of frets and regrets and guaranteed success.  Jesus is the answer to it all.  See Why Jesus.