Son of God Son of Man

Agreement with God is our guarantee of  success.  It requires A God perspective to reap the end time harvest and usher in  the return of Jesus.  “Son of God Son of Man” is a book that identifies the sons of God who live with resident power but often feel and act like victims.  We must align with God to fuel faith, combat doubt, and see ourselves as God does; heirs endued with His power and authorization to represent Him in the earth.  God fully expects us to reach and change the world because  He said we would.   This book is full of scriptures and quotes from God that will activate us to put His power on display.  Journey into the word of God to discover your real identity and purpose.  If Jesus is not the Lord of your life please take this opportunity to accept His wonderful gift of salvation.  What does that mean?  His death on the cross was to pay for all our sins.  Many have heard but have yet to  accept  His gift freely given  to those who will believe and receive it.  Jesus is the only way to avoid the penalty for the wrongs we have done.   If we reject His payment we get the bill and will not enjoy the benefit of help in the earth or heaven after death.  See the “Why Jesus” page, pray the prayers and join us either way.  Truth has a way of opening eyes.

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  1. I think we are more able than we think we are.. The quote from you son of God son of man book was a great analogy. “More confident in our fail-ability or mistake-ability than our Lords reliability and infallibility. ” I pray for grace to trust Him more.

  2. I agree and add. Now is the time to take Him at His word so we can dispel, dismiss, and overthrow false identity’s, religious activities, and all other enemies to our kingdom purpose.

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