Lies Chat

We all have to make decisions about the messages we are receiving from the multiple sources in our lives.   What employers, employees, family, friends, government,  news, TV,  public opinion have to say about what we are all living with in our lives today.  The whole world is out of control and so many different plans to fix it but why?  How is it so many feel equal to the task of ruling the world and or governing the masses.  We do not need more laws to see justice we need to live within the parameters of the ones we already have.  We  have too many ideas and laws people feel will correct disorder but they simply propagate injustice.  Laws were never meant to enforce the will of anyone person or group on another.  These new laws do not fix a problem but  unleash a storm of new problems.  We have a lot of good ideas to fix things but it is a lie.  Since we did not obey, embrace, or agree with the ones God made why do we expect them to  succeed.   I  invite my readers to comment and present their ideas  along with why they are sure they will help.  I will take no credit just publish and give opportunity for feed back.   I want to provide a forum to discuss human wisdom in light of the wisdom of God.  What we need now is a word from God to help us get back on track.  There is no person, political party, group, or organization that can  fix the mess we are in.  Our prideful independence is why we find ourselves where we are.  Only our humble repentance and surrender to God is going to get us out of this one.    Please join us in prayer to call on the name of the Lord for He promises that those who call on His name shall be saved.  The name is Jesus.  He really is the answer to it all.  He really does love and care about us all  and He is unbiased and interested in what is best for all.  Love is not selfish or controlling and much of our agendas are self-motivated.  We need help from someone who knows all and is capable of doing the impossible.  We are all in miracle territory now and only God knows best in this realm.