New Day Dawning

It seems like overnight the whole world is spiraling out of control. The truth is it has been for awhile now; it took a reminder like this to adjust us. A wake up call for everybody to see how much we are not in control of. I really believe this is another sign of the times like the increase in storms, earthquake, and other activity. The whole earth is telling us to prepare for eternal things like Jesus and what happens after life the way we know it. Too many things going unchecked for too long brought us all to this. We have all begun to approve things that we should not. Too few are willing to do the right thing just because it is right. I believe the worse of the death by plaque is behind us but the recovery will take some individual and cooperate repentance. People who have hurt others for personal gain are at great risk. It was never about who could prove your wrongs at what expense. It was about the One who sees, knows and cares. Power, money, and influence could not stop the plaque and a change of heart and mind is going to be critical for recovery. Secure your future get right with God. See Why Jesus?