Journal Journey

There is a new drop phrase, ” my truth.” I find it a bit disturbing that we just jump on a trend that approves dangerous things. What do I mean? The people behind mass shootings, sex trade, abuse of children, enslavement of others etc… They have a truth that is far from acceptable but feel a right, duty or desire to act on it. We need to reign in these selfish agendas that allow us to hurt others. Those who become victims of a hostile takeover tend to victimize others. In the old testament of the bible there is a time described as , “they all did what was right in their own sight.” A trying and dangerous time for all people. We are there again now. The bible also says ” Jesus is the way the Truth and the light.” That means truth is a person not an opinion, a feeling or personal assessment. If you have a truth that is about you at the risk of others it is a LIE. The good news is Truth is a person who loves all, wants what’s best for all, and gave His life for all. That is the Truth worth approval and acceptance. See Why Jesus

New Day Dawning

Times they are ever changing and not always for the best. The increase of vicious attacks in public places is worse than sad. It is a sign of the results of the decline of moral standards that plunge us all into lawlessness. It is also evidence of how important it is for all of us to do our part to protect each other. Hate and terrorism are meant to rule by fear and intimidation while love allows us to resist selfish agendas that hurt us and others. Self preservation and self promotion appear to be acceptable and approved by the masses but selfishness is a silent killer. When we give ourselves permission to hurt others for our own agendas we become less and less sane, righteous and aware of what we are under the influence of, Alcohol, drugs, witchcraft, lies, bad company, ungodly counsel are all examples of things we can be under the influence of. I offer an opportunity to be under the influence of the God who loves you and gave His life for you. He has prepared a place for you after life on planet earth and will provide for and protect you while you are here. See Why Jesus,