New Day Dawning

Sorry for the long break.  This has been an intense season of warfare and intrigue.  There really is a cost to speaking wisdom to the masses but I know it is worth it.  I hope to restore daily chats.  I invite my readers to purchase the books that the titles of this blog highlight.  Readers ask for ebooks and longer articles a lot and I was in the process of that when I went on an extended break for health and distraction issues.  The Lies That Steal Life,”  Heart of the Champion. and Son of God son of Man books are a discipleship series on how to identify and get the victory over lies, weaknesses and wrong agreement and perspectives.   It is hard to over throw what we agree to so we have to get a new perspective to get a new result.  I recommend the books because they are life changing and helpful to get new knowledge that results in better choices.  The bible is my book of choice because it is where I got a better understanding of God.  If we believe in Him or not He IS and will help when we choose to invite Him and commit to believe until we see and understand Him better.    I was personally physically, emotionally, and spiritually sick and suicidal with no hope that God would be interested in helping me since I was my biggest problem.  I learned of His love, mercy,  power and willingness to help those who feel underserving.  I want to share it with a world full of people who need the kind of help that only He can give.  It is hard to get a better result when you cannot believe for it and it is impossible to get out of God size trouble without God.  The good news is you can change your mind and make a better choice that will allow you to recover and forge ahead.  If you are willing to reconsider your truth  to get to know the Truth.  Proceed to why Jesus to see what the bible tells us about it.