New Day Dawning

Our world is constantly changing it is time we use our words to frame our futures.  Tolerance for everything is hardly the answer with so many options and opinions.  The wisdom of the source of life {GOD} is the best answer.  This means  get rid of negative speaking and expectations.  As the alpha creation of God what we agree with we empower good or bad, right or wrong.  Get out of the habit of agreement with the wrong  people,  places,  and things.  Decide to speak and choose the way into good results rather than suffering from wrong choices,  words, and ungodly alliances and agreements.  Did you know the bible says that blessing and curses are in the power of the tongue?  Sometimes the very hell we are living is a result of the words we are speaking.  This year we  will  Speak blessings on the New Year to avoid curses in Jesus name.

It’s that time again, resolutions, revolutions, fresh starts, new beginnings.  This year let us speak to the days ahead.  Speak in agreement with all the limitless potential that is available to us in God.  Declare with me this is the year of forward motion, upward mobility, increased productivity, and wealth transfer.  Proclaim in faith the year of the harvest of good in the face of famine and chaos.  Decide to sow good seed into good soil to promote healthy life.  Let the giving and receiving begin to us and from us until blessing and love abound and there is not room to receive more.  Let us follow God this year into uncharted territories that already belongs to us.  We have to get out of control to get out of bondage to things especially our comfort zones.  Do good for others and reap greater good personally.   It is time to accept the goodness of  God.  Believe to receive all  God has reserved  for those who believe.  This may mean for some to move pass all  that has held us to our current position.

Determine to cast off the Deadly D’s of disappointment, depression, despair, discouragement, dis-ease, and distress no matter the source.  Choose life over death, freedom over bondage, and prosperity over poverty. We ask God to help us live in liberty this year not captive to anything.  Did you know that God has a purpose for every life?  The bible says His plans are good to bring us to an expected end.  That means a God purpose.  Not a liability,  victim,  down under things, confused, or controlled by people or things.  One of the characteristics of God is He knows the end from the beginning.  That is why  the best choice is to get in touch with Him to learn what He knows about  us.  Things we do not know and cannot become without His help.   Everything starts with Him and the guarantee of a good end is to let Him guide, provide, and protect us.   It is with His help we can do, survive, and overcome   all things and navigate the human condition.  Time to step to our problems so God can take care of them.  Speak to the mountains of opposition and command them to be moved in the power of Jesus’s name.  We have nothing to loose and an inheritance in God to gain.    It is time to choose God to move by faith into  His plans.  He has prepared the way, will help us to know the way, so  we can go the way He has blessed.

May this new year be the most prosperous year ever.  I know that is only possible with the choice to go with Jesus this year.  There are many dangerous days ahead and I strongly recommend a commitment to God as it is the only security for these troubled times.   See Why Jesus and go in God.  Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!