New Day Dawning

Good to be back this is another invitation to enjoy the books that prompted me to start this blog.  It was to provide a forum for question with answers from a biblical perspective.  Not to condemn but to provide information that is not common knowledge.   I finally finished my most recent book and have started a cartoon series that I think we will enjoy.  Until then I need material for the second installment to, “Lies That Steal Life.”  It has some new insights and a lot of testimonials.   There will be prizes for the top 10 will share what they are later.   Hope this new year is your best ever, that your needs are met and you take every opportunity to live to your full potential.  Remember with God nothing is impossible.  It is why I choose life in Him.  All limits are removed and the potential is limitless.   If you have not yet accepted an invitation into the family of God  see Why Jesus and find love without limits and power to live in your purpose to your full potential.