New Day Dawning

This has been a very challenging month for me but I refuse to surrender to fear, doubt, or mental anguish. These tools of negativity attempt to keep our minds full of  what if distractions that can affect what is wrongly. The first line of defense is to not agree with the worse case scenario. When the problem is the focus the answer is not.  What does that mean.  Example:  There is a story in the bile where thousands of people are in a place where there is not enough food.  The focus  of the disciples is what they do not have to take care of the problem.  The focus of Jesus was what do we have.  He took what He had and prayed for enough and it fed everyone with more than enough and there was some left over.  I know many readers do not believe in God but this is me sharing why I take the road I take and use  the bible to learn  a better way of life.  The way we respond to our challenges will determine how things turn out.  If we are limited to only what we see or know we miss an opportunity to experience miracles.  Negative  things tend to leave us shocked, overwhelmed, angry, afraid notice all negative responses destined to bring negative results.  The wrong response causes the wrong focus which brings the wrong choices that get the wrong results.

This is an invitation to anyone following to give an example I will post it so others can benefit by discussion.    Submit your comments, questions or experiences to encourage conversation.   We look forward to a group approach to challenges.  The bible actually says there is safety in a multitude of counsel.  In context it means we are not to make major decision with only what we know or goes on in our heads.  Others may have  experience or insight the result of not having the same bias, mindset, focus, or agenda.