Journal Journey

It is time we all give our life a good reflection break.  Make time  to see how we are spending our life, time and other resources.  Do we have the right focus, priority, perspective?  Are we on track with personal or family goals?  Do we know why we are here yet?  Are  we ready for what happens next in our family, community, nation?  Have we got things right with the God of  heaven?  We can all see life as we know it has made some drastic changes which requires we update our files to adjust as needed.  The most important move we can make is to get the Creator God as head Advisor, Protector, and focus of our lives.  We live in a time when the wisdom of God is critical to deal with day to day challenges and to prepare for what happens next.  Contrary to popular belief heaven is not an automatic benefit for everybody and there are not many ways to God.  The God of heaven gave specific instructions to those who want to take advantage of His kindness.    There are many who believe when we die  that is the end of life and the body just decays.  Wrong! People are also spiritual beings that will live forever after the body dies.  That means death is the beginning  of what happens next and we have to get it taken care of before death to avoid the real hell.  I know there are many who think that because they do not believe a thing they cannot be affected by it but that is not so with God.  Since it began with Him it will end as He says that is why it is so important to get in touch with the one who knows.  See Why Jesus