New Day Dawning

Moving toward the holidays comes with the excitement and the dread of family, friends, giving and receiving of gifts.  Thanksgiving can some times seem hard to perceive.  Everyday we get to suck in air is a day to see experience and enjoy something we were up to now unaware of.  Do not let the challenges of life make you believe it is not worth living.   I know when you are in a terrible place in life people who make theses kinds of comments press the , “you just do not know button.”  More than irritating they make us feel they have never been through anything difficult.  On the contrary everyone one has a tale to tell and many are worse than we can possible imagine.  I am a personal witness to some of the worst mans inhumanity to man violations.  Child abuse, sex trafficking, drug additions, forced prostitution, bullying, violence, slavery of every kind, often by hands that are suppose to protect you.  I am a personal survivor of  all kinds of abuse, neglect, and torment.  That is one of the reasons I started this blog.  To speak to people in their personal hells and let them know there is a way out and a God who cares.  I did not believe it either.  What we do not know is  Jesus said it could be unto us as we believe.   He came to destroy evil and extend the kingdom of God to those who are hurting.  He literally gave His life to make a way out for us. The first step to an open door out of despair is the Way out,  Jesus is, “the Way, the Truth and the Light.”  See Why Jesus 

Once we get connected with God through Jesus we get led into a whole new existence that often begins with how we see things.  He helps us to see from His perspective, live in His power, protection and provision.  We cannot believe these things until we begin to experience them because we took the first step.  Call upon the name of the Lord ( JESUS) and you will be saved.   One day we look up and witness things that were impossible.  Most do not know that the will of God is for all those who believe to be eye witnesses that testify that He is still in the life healing business.   Things are not completely as they appear in our natural world.  We  need a spiritual encounter with God through Jesus to really see from the point of view of God.    All that to say get the best gift ever given that helps now and secures an eternity with God.  In this way you will experience love, mercy, grace, and gratitude like never before.  I invite you to accept the free gift of salvation through the life of Jesus.  Ask Him to forgive you and be the Lord of your life and see what you could not see before.