New Day Dawning

Who knew things could get so bad so fast. Time we all be aware of the part we play to restore order in our lives, family, nation, and world. How can we possibly impact such a massive amount of negative change after so much loss, shock and sudden death to so much we know and love. Jesus is The answer to it all. The Way to restore order. He is the way out of all distress, disease, and evil as well as the way into Truth and the perfect leadership and will of God. We hate to admit it but as impressive as we are too many are not fit to serve and therefore unfit to lead. Unfortunately those who resist righteous authority or refuse to comply often make a mess of their lives and all who encounter them. In my, “Lies that Steal Life” book I comment on how some politicians can be like gangbangers who infect rather than protect those they claim to serve. Words like bully, slaver, liar, taker, manipulate all tools of tyranny to destroy others to promote themselves. The good news is God knows where we all are, what we are here for, and what it will take to recover from our imperfections. He is the only one who loves unconditionally and indiscriminately and desires what’s best for all. He loves people and hates evil. Contrary to popular belief Mercy trumps judgement for God. He sent Jesus to offer us a way out of what we deserve for sin error and ignorance. Most people think when God say’s repent it is a bad thing and respond in ignorance. Repent is an invitation to change your mind, direction, and poor decisions. When we sincerely want to get out repentance is a lawful re-do that transports us onto the way, safety, and rule of God and His kingdom. Some reject the invite with a focus on what people know or can prove in the courts of man. We consider blame, focus on the laws of man, condemnation, guilt, wrongful accusation or misjudgment. In the court of heaven, where God is the judge, He knows all sees all and is in position to rule in your favor. In God’s court lies are not a refuge but a trap, to deny Truth sin/guilt forfeits the eligibility to accept the sacrifice of Jesus as substitute for your sin. Deny it, buy it, own it which means you pay the debt not Jesus. In prison I use to say if you do not want to go to jail for it you sure don’t want to go to hell for it. Jesus is the way the Truth and the life choose life. See Why Jesus