Tiny Tales

This new category is for all those who ask for more information on the things I share on this blog site.  As I originally related this site began as an opportunity to allow those who have read my books to share their experiences.   I published 4 books in 2013 and will publish two more this year.  One is a daily word of wisdom to uplift readers and give encouragement to start each day.    I believe in miracles because I am a miracle.  Someone with an experience like mine cannot agree that personal opinions are informed enough to change my mind.  No one was able to help me when I needed it most, and the strong convictions of those without experiences like mine will never change my mind.    I was once one of those people who did not understand or agree with the whole God cares thing because of all the bad things I experienced from childhood.  I spent most of my life trying to recover from the God punishment I was told about.  I understand those who do not know God and wonder.   Where is God when babies are being abused, nations are starving, people are being unjustly mistreated?  None of us want to believe that God is not the problem ungodly people are.  What about storms that destroy thousands of lives in one fatal swoop?  Would you believe people who believe in God can actually speak to storms and stop or change there course?  I know, I know, unbelievable.  That is the problem with the world.  We do not believe in God so we do not know Him and we cannot benefit by all He as made available to empower us to enjoy a more  blessed life.

Imagine you are the  creator of the universe.  You know all there is to know about it because you made it.  Like a painter who remembers every stroke or an author who knows all the characters and what will happen next.   You know all about; why you did what you did, when you did it, and how.   That is how it is to be God.  The opinions, attitudes, complaints, and criticisms of the uninformed can not overrule, the originator.  Others are limited by what they do not know and have no ability to affect; except their personal ability to benefit.   I often remind people that heaven is the home of God.  He has told us how to accept His invitation to spend eternity there.  It is to our advantage to find out from the one who is throwing the party how we are to get in.  Reasonable minds will agree it would  behoove us to do things His way.   But we have determined since we do not see Him we do not have to believe He exists.  We have not seen heaven,  the air we breath, fear, pain, evil, or sorrow but we do experience them.   We know they exist because we can feel, know, or experience them.  People who have an encounter with God are passionate about Him because of the amazing changes He makes in their lives.  To those who say, “what about the god that tells people to kill people that do not convert?”  I am not talking about any  god that requires people to convert or kill others.  I share a personal experience with The God who loves us all enough to give His own life to connect with anyone who will believe it.   The God who made the way Himself  for us to  spend eternity with Him.   We have only to hear the truth dare to believe it and live to receive and benefit from the love of God.  He made provision  for now and forever and  it includes access to health, power, and  friends in heavenly places.  Jesus gave His life to pay in full for a new life with benefits that includes a reservation to heaven.   Still He only made the way you must choose to claim your ticket in the way God requires.  See Why Jesus page.

New Day Dawning

I have decided to include some of the class material on the site so I will add tiny tales to the blog for those who keep asking for more than tidbits. It would be best to get the books because they really will empower your life and make this site even more exciting and helpful but I will do my best to keep all readers in mind. I want to be a blessing and I believe I will be for the very desire to extend the love of my Father and Friend to all I meet or encounter. Look for Tiny Tales in the month of May.

New Day Dawning

I am back. Sorry been doing some different things in April but I will not stay away from the blog so long any more. This month I started a bible study class around the Heart of the Champion book and discovered a lot of amazing material winning the battle of how we think. How we approach or view our challenges is how we will fair in the confrontation. It is important to face challenges with an empowered perspective. Those who are in God have all they need for the battle is God’s and they get to live the victory. How amazing, that truly is empowerment. Any way we had several testimonies in the group, joy restored, quit smoking and a victory over other hard challenges. The right response to a challenge will keep the right focus which allows right choices that bring the right result. Face giants as a giant slayer not a grass hopper in your own sight to win against odds that appear overwhelming.