Champion Chat

Champions arise it is our time to shine. We are not victims, but victors, not cursed but blessed, not weak but endued with power, time to believe it to see it more consistently. This is the year to find out what God intends for your life.  Time to  enjoy the journey on the way to eternity with God. If you have not accepted the gift of salvation through Christ Jesus. Do so now just go to, why Jesus, and find out why?

New Day Dawning

Too often we focus on what we do not have, think we need or feel we must have to succeed. What is most important is what you already have to spur you to greatness. What gift, talent, information, or support do you take for granted while you languish in sorrow about what you think you need more. People with jobs, family who love them, excellent gifts and talents, can miss the opportunity to celebrate what they have of great value. Instead they waste time and life focused on things that have no eternal value or importance when compared to the priceless things they do have.

Journal Journey

Hello, Hello and Welcome 2015 visitors. This year I hope my cite will prompt my readers to interact on a more serious note. Thanks to all who encouraged me to continue last year I appreciate you. I hope you will begin to benefit even more from the words of insight and wisdom God reveals to His prophets. Stay tuned 2015 will be like nothing any of us has ever seen before.