Journal Journey

Things are changing so much so fast the world needs the wisdom of God more than ever. We continue in behaviors that ensnare us in cycles of discontent the evidence of a need for change. For those who think it is hopeless do not agree with things you do not want to continue. When there is no known reason to expect better decide to resist the obvious. To see a change position your heart, mind and mouth to receive a miracle. Decide to change your words so you can change your mind and heart. Christmas is not a magical season it is a miraculous gift from God, We have collectively agreed to make it about our family or personal traditions. Traditions that often make the blessing a burden and brings much pressure, pain, and problems. Choose this season to get back to the original intent of, ” peace on earth goodwill to men.” Hard to believe with the mess we are all witnessing. Exactly why we must seek help from the God who sees, knows, cares, and can do something about our struggles. He literally see’s knows and cares about everything and He has the power to do whatever is needed. The bible says, “the eyes of the Lord run thru the earth seeking those who trust in Him so He can show Himself strong for them,” 2 Chronicles 16:9. It also says, ” those who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved,” Acts 2:21. There is much the bible has to say about things and it is time we get wisdom from God. If you agree pray this with me. Lord I need your help, you are my only hope, I repent of insisting on my own way and admit I need to learn how to do life your way. Forgive my sins, come into my life and be my Lord and Savior. Teach me how to be what You want me to be, in Jesus name, amen. See why Jesus.