Lies Chat

Coming to the end of 2015 hope we were able to see and enjoy the good things that happened.  Pray we were victorious in every challenge.  Believe we will proceed with faith and determination to see the goodness of God while we live.  So many of us are ensnared by lies we tell, believe, promote, and agree with.  Santa is a perfect example of deliberate promotion and agreement with  a real life true story that became a fable and is now a legend of international proportions.  Am I against Santa not the legend but the tales full of magic and mayhem that compels us to lie to our children.  We are hiding, tricking making ever more elaborate stories with movies and books that are all, “family friendly” but steeped in untruth.  This is not to judge or criticize any family tradition, favorite show, or personal choice.  I simply make the observation that we tend to embrace and propagate lies and agree together to approve them for ourselves and our children.  The point is many embrace and approve Santa but reject and attempt to out law Jesus.  Santa was a good man who walked through some real bad weather to give gifts and hope.  Jesus came to give His life to give us a way out of the penalty for sin and an opportunity to spend eternity with Him.  We tell tales about all dead people going to heaven and good people get in for being good.  The truth is Jesus is the way we get in and we have to embrace His way to get there.  I present this now to offer my readers the greatest gift ever given and another opportunity to see and embrace truth.  We can see by the news our world has changed in some not so good ways.  It is not going back to some time before but forward to what comes next.  We make great effort to prepare for holidays, shopping sprees,  and gatherings with family and friends.  I recommend we prepare for eternity with even greater zeal to secure ourselves and families for the truth about what happens next.   See Why Jesus.