Lies Chat

Let’s talk secrets. There is a quote in the lies book that says, “lies do not protect victims they protect villains.” Usually the liar employs  the secret that protects the victim from escape. The one hidden in lies and secrets must protect from exposure. Remember when the light of truth comes there is  healing and  freedom from fear of exposure too.  Once the secret is out the healing begins for both victims, liar and lied to. The light of truth restores life and liberty to both.

One thought on “Lies Chat”

  1. Agreed. Liars and victimizers always think they are getting away with things. That is because they are limited to thinking the jailer has the advantage. When compared to the victim I guess it is easy to understand that concept. The victim has the advantage of being positioned for vindication and deliverance from God. The liar to for that matter but the idea of help from God is hard for a villain to believe.

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