Life After Death

A broad subject with many beliefs about what happens after death.  This is an opportunity to explore the concept together with some specific focus.  1.  The life of a mother after the death of an unborn.  The intent is to track the lives of those who were told it was only a blob to identify some of the common side effects and offer support and recovery.  2.  Confront the lie behind the concept that death will end some earthly torment without considering what happens next.  Death is not the end but the beginning of a new chapter.  People are spirit beings who will exist for eternity in heaven or hell.  It is imperative we make arrangements to secure our destination  before life on earth ends.   3.  Confront the concept of just believe that implies what ever I believe with all my heart is true.  You must first identify and agree with truth in order to benefit by it.  Many believe lies and it will never result in being truth.  The truth you know makes you free not just anything you dare to believe.   Please comment.  See why Jesus tab for biblical insight.

2 thoughts on “Life After Death”

  1. I have made arrangements for heaven by giving my life to Jesus. I know what you mean about death not being the end of a thing but the beginning of another chapter. I want to share on the subject of life after the death of my unborn children. 2 abortions 3 miscarriages I felt like the womb that kills. After years of shame, secrets and sorrow attempting to drown my pain and misery in drink; I am here to say something happens that hurts us at the core of our being when we choose to not allow our bodies to bring forth the life we are entrusted with. We are emotionally, and often physically scarred by the choice to snuff, suck, or pull a baby out of the womb. Our bodies were made to nourish and complete the process and it hurts in ways we do not know and cannot describe when we alter that process. So many suffer in silence unable to share with anyone the shame, pain, regret, empty that haunts their existence. The secret is eating away at many and I share to give others the opportunity to share and release the pressure and pain.

    My prayer is we will help each other recover and heal as we protect others from the mistake of believing it does not matter. It may appear easier but the after effects are many and varied. Enough for today I will list things I believe are side effect for me later.

  2. Some side effects include, depression, sorrow, grief that you do not immediately identify as a part of the abortion process. The relief of not having to worry about how to take care of a child or explain to a parent or partner temporarily masks these issues. But, your joy never fully returns without drinking, using or some other mind altering activity. I am not trying to project my experience on others but I would like any who know what I describe to comment and confirm. I am convinced that there are many immediate and long term issues that are the result of pregnancy termination.

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