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I know, I know, it has been awhile but had a lot going on.  The good news is no matter how much negative things tried to keep my attention I was able to do some good.   I hope to publish another book in the nest 30 days.  Then I will finish my daily devotional of spiritual wisdom.   America and the world is in for some trying times in the days ahead and a good grip on truth and a personal relationship with God will be critical.  We are about to find out that we are not in charge or control and are incapable of ruling the world without the help and wisdom of God.  We believe the lie that  human wisdom, science, politics, governments,or money and power can buy, control or fix  anything.  We have made a mess of a lot of things because that is what we do without the help of God.  Those who believe God is the problem would say, “since He is able to help why does He choose not to?”  The answer is we choose not to believe, invite, or ask Him.   God intervenes when we give Him legal access  when we ask and believe He will help,  He made this rule to  grant free will and allow us to govern His earthly resources.  We decided our way was best, our wisdom infallible, and lost track of the true need of a creation for it”s Creator.  We are a people who are learning the hard way that we are not wise or loving enough to rule things.  Children need parents both of them and we make better people when we do things the way God advises.  Father knows best is truth, in the case of God, if we like it or embrace it or not.  The breakdown of the traditional family is why we live  in the world we live  today.   Alternative families where we get to do as we please, sleep with who we please, discard who we please is far from utopia. We the human race are all sick from the  lack of love, commitment or power over the things we create as a result of self will.  My prayer is for all to get in touch with God to ride out the difficult days ahead, in Jesus name.  Things are spiraling out of control and our control is NOT the way to correct it.  Our  control, wants, and choices finds us in need of Divine intervention to bring order out of chaos.  Join with me to pray for this great nation because God is our only hope and  way out of this mess and into His wisdom and will.

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