Journal Journey

There is a new drop phrase, ” my truth.” I find it a bit disturbing that we just jump on a trend that approves dangerous things. What do I mean? The people behind mass shootings, sex trade, abuse of children, enslavement of others etc… They have a truth that is far from acceptable but feel a right, duty or desire to act on it. We need to reign in these selfish agendas that allow us to hurt others. Those who become victims of a hostile takeover tend to victimize others. In the old testament of the bible there is a time described as , “they all did what was right in their own sight.” A trying and dangerous time for all people. We are there again now. The bible also says ” Jesus is the way the Truth and the light.” That means truth is a person not an opinion, a feeling or personal assessment. If you have a truth that is about you at the risk of others it is a LIE. The good news is Truth is a person who loves all, wants what’s best for all, and gave His life for all. That is the Truth worth approval and acceptance. See Why Jesus