Journal Journey

This site is an invitation to share on topics that have eternal value and help us identify threats and assets to healthy quality of life now as we prepare for eternity.  Hope you are ready for what comes next because things have begun to accelerate and it will only continue.   If you have not given these topics much thought now is the time.  Later is not promised and there are some things you must do now to get ready for later.  Go to the why Jesus page see what the bible has to say.

One thought on “Journal Journey”

  1. This is so important with so much going on in the world. The book of revelations talks about what will happen after the rapture and I for one do not want any part of anything worst than I experienced while alive. It amazes me how many are not ready and are consumed with focus on things that hurt rather than help them. Not to mention they rage against a God they do not know and His heaven is the only right choice for what happens next. I pray for all of us to get ready to stand before God and answer what did they do with the life of His only Son. I am so glad you have the why Jesus pages for people to learn about these things. Thanks .

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