Journal Journey

One of my visitors makes a comment I am compelled to respond to.  He simply said there were millions who maybe sorry when they consider they may not meet their presumptions.  It was not just the insight but the transparency and honesty that leads me to respond.  The use of the word presumptions really clinched it.  There is so much we would like  to know, believe or experience but we often perceive barriers and abilities where they do not exist.  We can be completely convinced but completely wrong and presumption is the word for it.   Perception is strongly affected by core beliefs, culture, and experiences.  We must keep in mind that we are ever learning and no one knows it all no matter how much we would like to, think we do, or pretend to, to stay in charge.  Presumptions can be dangerous and truth is the prescription for it.  Jesus said, “I Am the way, the truth,  and the light.”  He knows the purpose of each life and the way each should take.  He alone can provide the truth about those things we do not know and He is the illumination, light, revealer of  those things we need to know.

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