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Journal Journey

Thanksgiving.  Sometimes we get so caught up in what is not going as we would like that we miss how much we actually have to be thankful for.  The ability to see the sunset, take a walk, lock your door at night because you have a roof over your head.  Kiss a child good night, say hello on a phone call, drive your vehicle to work.  These are things many are not currently enjoying.  It is common to miss the best things in life caught up with those little things that come to steal joy, disrupt peace, and destroy an outlook for good.   Happy Thanksgiving and hoping you will reflect and pass it on to another.  Our world is rapidly changing and a time will come when we will wish we had these days to remember how good it was .  Take time to see how good you have it.  It is a perfect way to reduce stress and prepare for change for the better in that irritating area.