The Heart of a Champion

Believers were championed by  Jesus and  made champions by His accomplishments.  Too often we allow other things to convince us that we are just victims.  The bible says that as a man thinks so is he.   What we allow to shape our beliefs will affect how we live good or bad.  It is important to know truth so that  feelings, conjecture, experiences or appearances will become subject to truth.  “The Heart of A Champion “  is a little book about how to face giants that intimidate and manipulate us into giving up without a fight.  We are to identify, confront and overthrow all  activity against God’s will with His righteous authority. Never loose by default again.   Locate the champion in you and slay the giants that  threaten  your today to secure a better tomorrow.  Find your true identity and win in the battle for your life purpose.

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    1. Which book on what topic. We both know it is all battles but I am using this site to also
      track specific subject matter. Thanks for the encouragement.

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