Journey Journal

Have you noticed the agitation in the  atmosphere these days,  It is like the whole world is about to blow.  Short tempers, impatience, anger, debate, suspicion, distrust, blaming, violence on the brink everywhere.  Not something  we want to be drawn into.  Black against white, male against female, gay against straight, rich against poor, Muslim against Christian, children against parents, banks against their customers,  government against citizens, nations against nations.  You name it someone is at odds with some one else.  Money, control, and power the goal of so many we are all at risk.   The matter of tolerance  is not seen as much as it is talked about.   The gays say the straits are intolerant but they are breaking laws to make laws that make others subject to their view.  Who deliberately goes to a citizen that disagrees with them to destroy them for none compliance.   Muslims can pray in school but Christians are a threat to all other choices, why?  A lying, stealing, drug dealing crook can be set free but a snitch can die for the offense of a honest answer when asked.  What is really going on?   Everyone appears to be fighting for their rights.  Exactly what right?  To have our way at the expense of others?  To force our will on others, how did we get this right? How is it affecting the world around us?  I ask these questions to get us all to slow down and consider what we are fighting for and what we are willing to do to win.  Worse what will be the result of our victory.  Are we really as right as we think we are?  The world and yes America is in the eye of a storm that wants to destroy us from the inside out.  The agenda is to turn us on each other and watch the fall out.  It is time to pray more, contend for peace, resist strife and division, and unite against enemies foreign and domestic.  Time we  return to our original intentions and stop making the same mistakes.  Words like mercy, compassions. accountability, and integrity are more important than tolerance.  Some things should not be tolerated when they hurt  a nation and the generations to come.  I invite questions and dialogue.

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