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Lies Chat

We all have to make decisions about the messages we are receiving from the multiple sources in our lives.   What employers, employees, family, friends, government,  news, TV,  public opinion have to say about what we are all living with in our lives today.  The whole world is out of control and so many different plans to fix it but why?  How is it so many feel equal to the task of ruling the world and or governing the masses.  We do not need more laws to see justice we need to live within the parameters of the ones we already have.  We  have too many ideas and laws people feel will correct disorder but they simply propagate injustice.  Laws were never meant to enforce the will of anyone person or group on another.  These new laws do not fix a problem but  unleash a storm of new problems.  We have a lot of good ideas to fix things but it is a lie.  Since we did not obey, embrace, or agree with the ones God made why do we expect them to  succeed.   I  invite my readers to comment and present their ideas  along with why they are sure they will help.  I will take no credit just publish and give opportunity for feed back.   I want to provide a forum to discuss human wisdom in light of the wisdom of God.  What we need now is a word from God to help us get back on track.  There is no person, political party, group, or organization that can  fix the mess we are in.  Our prideful independence is why we find ourselves where we are.  Only our humble repentance and surrender to God is going to get us out of this one.    Please join us in prayer to call on the name of the Lord for He promises that those who call on His name shall be saved.  The name is Jesus.  He really is the answer to it all.  He really does love and care about us all  and He is unbiased and interested in what is best for all.  Love is not selfish or controlling and much of our agendas are self-motivated.  We need help from someone who knows all and is capable of doing the impossible.  We are all in miracle territory now and only God knows best in this realm.

New Day Dawning

This has been a very challenging month for me but I refuse to surrender to fear, doubt, or mental anguish. These tools of negativity attempt to keep our minds full of  what if distractions that can affect what is wrongly. The first line of defense is to not agree with the worse case scenario. When the problem is the focus the answer is not.  What does that mean.  Example:  There is a story in the bile where thousands of people are in a place where there is not enough food.  The focus  of the disciples is what they do not have to take care of the problem.  The focus of Jesus was what do we have.  He took what He had and prayed for enough and it fed everyone with more than enough and there was some left over.  I know many readers do not believe in God but this is me sharing why I take the road I take and use  the bible to learn  a better way of life.  The way we respond to our challenges will determine how things turn out.  If we are limited to only what we see or know we miss an opportunity to experience miracles.  Negative  things tend to leave us shocked, overwhelmed, angry, afraid notice all negative responses destined to bring negative results.  The wrong response causes the wrong focus which brings the wrong choices that get the wrong results.

This is an invitation to anyone following to give an example I will post it so others can benefit by discussion.    Submit your comments, questions or experiences to encourage conversation.   We look forward to a group approach to challenges.  The bible actually says there is safety in a multitude of counsel.  In context it means we are not to make major decision with only what we know or goes on in our heads.  Others may have  experience or insight the result of not having the same bias, mindset, focus, or agenda.

New Day Dawning

I have decided to include some of the class material on the site so I will add tiny tales to the blog for those who keep asking for more than tidbits. It would be best to get the books because they really will empower your life and make this site even more exciting and helpful but I will do my best to keep all readers in mind. I want to be a blessing and I believe I will be for the very desire to extend the love of my Father and Friend to all I meet or encounter. Look for Tiny Tales in the month of May.

New Day Dawning

I’m back. Sorry I have not wrote much this month but I am back now. A lot going on trying to answer some of the request for e-books and such. Wondering why the request for more but no book sales. Learning about the companies I am working with as I go and we all know how that can be.  I remain encouraged and hope you do too. We always have the choice to reject the negative and embrace the positive. This whole blog site began as an opportunity to allow strangers to get together and share wisdom to identify and reject lies that steal life, stunt growth, and frustrate potential. Give a shout if you still want to hear from this site.

New Day Dawning

Happy New Year and may you be able to discern the signs of the times.  We are a proud and blessed people but we often take for granted those things that are most important.  In case you are not aware, we have entered a season where we must seek wisdom from God, for the days ahead.  Not the government, friends, google, scientist, or the wisdom of other people.  The wisdom of God only will help us now.  Put aside all bias, preconceived ideas, prejudices and ask God if He is really out there to give you wisdom for the days ahead.

Merry Christmas

May the God of all- bless you with the grace to see and embrace the greatest truth.  That God gave His Son to make away for us to experience His love and deliver us from the wages of sin, which is death or better said eternal separation from God.  The original intent of God has always been good will to all people.  May you enjoy the wonder of an encounter with the God who loves us and gave Himself for us.   Most have heard the story of the baby born in a barn and laid in a manger.  Not many know what it is all about.  The good news is He died to free us from the penalty of our sins.  This gives us an opportunity to live for Him and spend eternity with Him in heaven when the body dies. We have only to ask Him and He will help us see Him for who He is.   My Christmas gift to my readers is a prayer for you all to embrace the truth and stop trying so hard to keep a lie alive.  Santa is not what our children need- Jesus is.  Santa will not pay the elaborate bills or get them reservations into heaven.  Jesus is the only way  and His death on the cross is what it took to give us access.   The most valuable and important gift ever given was His life.   But like any gift- if we do not know about it or open it, we cannot enjoy the benefits or see the value, of it.   I pray you and all you care about will have a Merry Christmas and  share the kindness and mercy of God with others.  May He protect you and yours, give you wisdom for the days ahead, and grant you the grace to see, turn and repent to receive His gifts of forgiveness and eternal life in heaven.   His birthday celebration is to remind us of  the greatest gift ever given- I pray this year you will open the present- and find the multiple other gifts inside.   Too many know the story but  too few  understand and enjoy this priceless provision.  This one decision positions us to access so many other promises that reveal Jesus as the gift that keeps on giving.  His life  was given to remove the  penalties of sin and restore us to right relationship with God.   We have the right to free will and choice and He will not violate it. The bible say the wages of sin is death.  Jesus paid those wages with His life so that who-so-ever- would dare to  believe for the  asking could be made, not guilty– at His expense.  More at: why Jesus

New Day Dawning

Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving.  Now for Christmas.  Remember the real reason for the season and give the gift of love.  The best gifts are not the most expensive but the most valuable.  A word of encouragement, kind consideration, show appreciation and value for the good  gifts  we have and should hold dear.  Not for what they give or do for us but the added value and priceless support of family, friends and those who celebrate rather than just tolerate us.

Journal Journey

Thanksgiving.  Sometimes we get so caught up in what is not going as we would like that we miss how much we actually have to be thankful for.  The ability to see the sunset, take a walk, lock your door at night because you have a roof over your head.  Kiss a child good night, say hello on a phone call, drive your vehicle to work.  These are things many are not currently enjoying.  It is common to miss the best things in life caught up with those little things that come to steal joy, disrupt peace, and destroy an outlook for good.   Happy Thanksgiving and hoping you will reflect and pass it on to another.  Our world is rapidly changing and a time will come when we will wish we had these days to remember how good it was .  Take time to see how good you have it.  It is a perfect way to reduce stress and prepare for change for the better in that irritating area.