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Survivor, author, mother, minister, mentor, prophet who shares the journey from pain to purpose. Blessed to journal back from despair to transition from victim to victor to tell of the importance of, guarding the thoughts, to enjoy a blessed life. There is life after death and trauma. A new life for the asking for those who dare to believe. Come journey with me.

New Day Dawning

Went to Desperate for Jesus conference for women at OCBF this weekend. Awesome. It is always wonderful to be among people on fire for God. All the speakers spoke on faith all were anointed, excellent, and relevant. My personal word from the Lord was, “faith is not just a tool to get what you want but the the force that sustains you in the wait.” My share with you is: do not struggle for the things you have entrusted to God, fight the good fight of faith. Trust allows us to enter the rest of God it removes the struggle and stress while the words of God silence the warfare in your mind. Declare your confidence despite all you see or feel until your enemy must retreat and leave.  Be too convinced of the truth to agree with or entertain  lies.  They do not have the power to hurt you unless you agree with them.

Lies Chat

Lies that steal life is not just for those who have survived trauma, addiction, abuse, neglect and such. Lies are equal opportunity oppressors and even those who trust them are hurt by them.  I invite discussion.

Book Chats

For those who have read are own any of the book titles please share your experiences, favorite passages, most helpful or hurtful  thoughts on the subjects.  Please choose a page or quote to initiate or join a dialogue to help others.

Book Chats

There will be a book of testimonials and a prize for the most positive, eventful, and  impactful changes as the result of identifying and over throwing lies.  There is also an invitation for women who are willing to share with each other the pain and or experiences of life after the death of an unborn child.  Not an  environment of condemnation and shame, but an opportunity to share how much you learned about the lies that affected your choices and life..

Journey Journal

Have you been blinded by lies, are you in the midst of an identity crisis, does your heart need encouragement, can prayer help? These question and others can be answered with a group of others seeking a fresh perspective. Fresh starts and new beginnings are only a decision away. Join us for a chance to see and do a new thing.

Lies Chat

Todays quote:  Love is more than a feeling, sexual attraction or physical appreciation.  It is a deliberate, on purpose dedication to the personal well being of another.  A choice to commit without personal regard.  Too many are dying  from the lack of love, acceptance, healthy touch, and or affirmation.  Quote from, ” lies that steal life,” page 108.