Lies Chat

Is your life an example of lies that steal life, peace, opportunities, health, relationships, money, or identity.  Take this moment to reflect on your personal life or that of some one you know and consider what is the truth from your perspective.  Example a person ruled by low self esteem or pride and arrogance.  There is a truth that governs their behavior for better or worse and a challenge to that core belief can bring about a change.  The bible says as a man thinks so is he.  We all know we can be wrong or mistaken in an assessment what many do not realize is a simple change of mind or heart is the way to re-direct.  If I approach life believing I cannot help who I am and how I am, I am saying there is no ability to change.  Not true.  There may be an unwillingness to change, a sense  of why try when you expect to fail but the limit is not on your potential to succeed but your approach to the issue.  Win the battle in the mind and then proceed.  Be willing to challenge your truth to discover a new one.

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