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Ever been completely convinced and find you were completely wrong.  Most are reluctant to admit it but it is common in a world where lies, secrets, and selfish motives abound.  Even if you are the person who hides things to manipulate outcomes being sure of something that later proves different will find you too.  The only recovery with dignity is to accept we are not perfect any of us.  We can learn by these things are allow them to shatter confidence or destroy the future.  Another example of the power and impact of, “Lies That Steal Life.”  Lies wound us then if we respond wrong they can cripple us for life.  Get up survivors live past disappointment, overcome depression, and avoid despair.  I believe this is possible only because I recovered from fatal wounds.  I was sure I would ever celebrate or enjoy life.   See, Transformed Life  for a little insight.  The point is there is hope after fatal injuries and God is the greatest Healer there is.  It is ok if you do not believe now  I can assure you if you ask Him He will help you get to know Him.  See Why Jesus to learn some things you may not know.   Love is the answer to all hurts and God is love.

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