New Day Dawning

Hope you had a pleasant Valentines day.  It is a good thing to celebrate, validate and acknowledge Love.  I do believe our world is suffering from the lack of understanding of what true love is.  This morning I was thinking how glad I was I am connected to the true source of love so I can experience the depth of true love.  Love is far more than a feeling and we all are made more alive by an encounter with it.  Our definitions of love do not agree with God’s.  I invite you to an encounter with the only love worth finding.  It is kind, patient, not proud, selfish, or puffed up.  Love does not remember offense,  it does not envy  and it is not rude.  Love is long suffering  it protects and preserves and is the only guarantee to heaven.

Many ask why do Christians insist there is only one way to God.  The answer is simple that is what God said about it.  God sent Jesus to give His life to make the way for us to get to Him.  It was an act of love from God who is love and knew the one thing that would get the job done.  That means the way  He made  is the only way He accepts because it was the only thing that works.   No other deity, religious group or guru can say I laid down my life to give you access to eternal life with me.  None of them can forgive and remove your sins and offenses and cast them into a sea of forgetfulness.   No one  knows all about you and loves you anyway and promises to guide, provide and protect you.   The  world at large is dying  from the lack of love.  Love would not use and discard someone for personal gratification,  weaknesses, or mistakes.  Love does not deny love,  acceptance, or value to anyone because of how they look, dress, or smell.  Love is not selfish, self absorbed, or self focused.  Love is determined and committed to do good by the object of that love.  Love would prevent someone from making a slave out of another human being for self gratification or money.   Much of what we consider love is  not about the object of our love but ourselves.   This is not to imply their is no genuine emotional attachment to those we care about it is saying it is much more.  Love allows us to grow with, not abandon for a new model, stand with the imperfect not quit on them.  This kind of love is possible only for those who totally sell out to God and surrender to His ways .  It is  impossible for us to love like Him when we are not connected to Him.    If you are interested in making that connection today see Why Jesus and accept His invitation into the family of God.


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