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Most mistakes are not fatal.  If you have made some and survived,  celebrate, get over fail ability it does not trump survivability. Failure is not final.  The greatest lesson to learn is, do not quit, choose to try again. What you learn from mistakes and failures you never forget and they serve to increase the chances for success.  Delay is not denial.   Patience and perseverance are both virtues that many today think are antiquated.  I wrote in one of my books, “defeat only needs our agreement to succeed but so does victory.” To quit results in failure.  Never again agree, that you are a failure or looser, choose to resist that lie. No matter who says it or even if you feel it; resist the temptation to agree with anything that immobilizes or thwarts your potential. Those who live through the hard times and learning seasons will experience the truth.  To persevere has great reward, so reject lies to get to see and live  the truth.

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