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One of my visitors (CHH) presents several question about how to deal with the word love.  The concern was it appears that it has become  a major ordeal about what to say to who, when and why.    Everybody needs  and wants love but nobody wants to take the risk of not getting it in return.  That is what happens  when we focus on our personal agenda and how we will fare in the exchange.  The bible says love is patient, kind, not concerned about itself, and never fails.  It says a lot more in, 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8.   Love is not about how we feel but how we honor and value another.  This without personal regard is impossible without the source of love living in you.   Only then can we truly sow love like a seed and trust for a harvest of love in return.  Love is more of a choice than we like to believe.    Thanks again ,CHH, for your comment.  This is a quote from one of my books on the same subject.

Love is more than a feeling, sexual attraction or physical appreciation.  It is a deliberate, on purpose dedication to the personal well being of another.  A choice to commit without personal regard.  Too many are dying  from the lack of love, acceptance, healthy touch, and or affirmation.  Quote from, ” lies that steal life,” page 108.

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