New Day Dawning

Interesting couple of weeks as I have used the comments and experiences the result of responses to this blog to help me learn and improve.  I was challenged to step up my game by a couple of  visitors who could not connect the different subjects, topics and comments.  My email letter to give insight was returned.  I have since updated all the pages dedicated to the book chats with more information.  This site is an opportunity for my readers to meet and greet on the books I have written.  Please check the lower left side of the blog for the pages that are titles of the books and links to give further insight about the subjects.  Champion chat helps people identify giants or challenges in life that tend to makes us feel inadequate.  Lies chat is about the things we can agree with that are lies that bind us to untruths that hold our lives captive.  That captivity is not because of the great power of the problem or challenge but  by our agreement, approval or avoidance.  Our approach, outlook or mindset about the matter is the true power against us,  I apologize to those who simply ask, ” just write more, or can you expand and give more details.”   You are witness  to miracles in the making and I thank you for your patience and mercy.  Please return it will benefit you greatly.  The Prophet.

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