Champion Chat

Champions arise. Put your trust in what is reliable not the fleeting and failing.  Most think money, what you know , or who you know on a natural level is what is most important. The evidence against that argument is we have done things our way and agreed to agree with the popular world view until we find ourselves where we are as a world today. More information than ever before, the ability to talk to the world at our fingertips,  Still people die daily from the lack of love.  Men women and children lost in the shuffle to handle our own business. The reason God gave rules for life was to protect from what we are currently experiencing.  A desperate place where people are doing almost anything to make money or secure their personal desires at the expense of others. To be a champion we must first have a champion.  When we believe we are the only way to get what we need we often believe anything is acceptable to meet that need.  In the book, “ The Heart of the Champion,” there is a quote about Jesus being a Champion when He died on the cross and making believers champions when He rose from the grave. The world is in the need of champions. Jesus is the first step to supernatural help to help others and just as important to stop hurting others.

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