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So much is going on in our world today and we are experiencing some real bad fall out from some choices we have made.  In the book, “Lies That Steal Life” there are many examples of how lies bind us to not only untruth but to spiritual consequences of embracing lies.    Most will never believe that the rejection of God in the public has anything to do with the changes in our society.  in , “Lies That Steal Life,” are many analogies of how our uniformed choices have consequences.   The pledge outlawed in school now guns and gangs rule.  The mention of God an offense in public we have not noticed that as we reject God we get chaos and the favor and protection we lived with since our inception is being systematically striped from us.  We must return to God to stop this downward spiral.  He is our only hope.  Join me in prayer to rebuild the hedge for this great nation.

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